Supermodels. The real ones. Those who jumped to fame during the late 80s and early 90s, linked to Versace’s kitschy fashion and Avedon’s master lense… We’re talking about Naomi, Christy and Linda…  The ones who lived as rock stars (and dated rock stars) and, above all, embodied beauty in its sexier and bravest way. What hasn’t been said about them? All we want is to look at them over and over again… supermodels-daily.tumblr.com

The 90s caliber of models were like no other, models were everywhere, music videos, runways, ad campaigns, Cosmopolitan covers ( yes, I said Cosmo), Sports Illustrated and every fashion magazine. A great example of the impact of the 90s Supermodel phenomenon was the Visually enticing George Micheal “Freedom ‘90” video with all your favorite male and female models. Now this is quality casting. 

George Micheal “Freedom 90”